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How often did you have a prospect on the phone, ready to do business, if only you could close the deal right then? You could take a credit card over the phone, but you've been burned before with all the post-honeymoon misunderstandings about what that credit card payment covered. So you fax your bid and never hear from the guy.

Custom Bid  turns those
almost-sales into sales!

How about the client who wants you to start right away with a downpayment in the mail? Do you start right away and get burned if the check never arrives? Do you start the business relationship by telling the customer you don't trust him enough to get started right away?

With Custom Bid, you have an
online contract ready for a
credit card in 10 minutes!

The process is so simple that you can have your first bid online and its payment in your checkbook 30 minutes from right now.

  1. Get your merchant bank info together, the same info to setup a terminal for walk-ins with a credit card. [10 min]

  2. Use the online forms to set up your free Custom Bid  account. [2 min]

  3. Paste from your favorite word processor the text for the boilerplate that is part of all your bids. [3 min]

  4. Enter whatever you know about your sales prospect (name, phone, etc), or let them enter it. [2 min]

  5. Paste your bid from your word processor into Custom Bid 's Bid Form. [4 min]

  6. Tell Custom Bid  when the bid will expire, add links to other online documents, polish your bid with graphics, and press the button to put it online. [1 min]

  7. Direct your prospect to the Bid and Payment Form you just produced. [1 min]

  8. The prospect reads over exactly what they are agreeing to. [5 min]

  9. The prospect enters his credit card information and presses the Submit button. [2 min]

  10. The money arrives in your checking account. [0 min]
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