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Who is this for?

  • Custom Bid  has 3 security levels. The SysAdmin who sets up reusable boilerplate and bidding procedure, employees who prepare your bids, and the public - anyone who you point at a particular bid.

  • You can specify the look and feel so Custom Bid  looks like it's part of your website.

  • Use online forms to add and edit bids

  • Send email to a sales prospect with an embedded link to the bid where they can accept your offer with a credit card.

  • Manage bids with status of open, paid, expired, on-hold, and closed.

  • When a client accepts a bid, you get email notifying you that you have money.

  • Link your bid to any number of other online documents, like your terms & conditions or vendor pictures, to support your bid.

  • Review a table list of all your online bids and the status of each.

  • Provide online receipts that can never be misplaced.

  • As a manager, you will have one place to see what your employees are bidding, to forecast sales, and to delve into problems or delays. And you can do this from home or the motel far from home.

You need nothing but a browser and a valid merchant credit card account. Your customers need nothing but a browser. We load nothing on to your computer or your client's computer. Your clients have to do nothing but fill out a charge authorization form online with only your firm's name on it.

Everything depends on the merchant account number you give us. We pass through the charge to that account number. To eliminate any security concerns, we don't even keep a copy of the transaction. Most Custom Bid  account managers use Custom Bid   to ring up a sale to themselves on occasion to make sure the account number they entered is correct.
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